Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lake house & Chicago Trip

It has been awhile since I updated! We are actually in Hilton Head right now with RJ's family, so I have some time to get caught up. A few weekends ago, Trevor's family was nice enough to host our group for a day at their Lake House. 

It was such a great day. It was supposed to rain but it held out long enough for us to go out on the boat. We got to see Chels, Micki and Trevor wake board which was really cool (like snow-boarding on the water). That is Zion on the right below, Micki and Daniel's adorable son. 

In early August we took a long weekend trip to Chicago to see Drew. It was an extra special trip because Dad & Mary and Lindsay & Corey came too. It was so good to get everyone together, it had definitely been too long.

Right before we left, Harvey started acting strange. He wouldn't go down stairs and had trouble walking. After a few days of getting continually worse, we took him to the vet. They said he should definitely not go to Chicago with us and may need emergency surgery. He had a herniated disk in his back and also had some calcium deposits that were causing paralysis of his back legs. 

They were kind enough to keep him over the weekend for us and took him to the animal hospital on Monday for the surgery. On Tuesday we drove back from Chicago and were able to visit him in the hospital. On Wednesday he was able to come home - that was a huge relief! He needed a lot of rest and help. For the first few days he wasn't able to stand on his own.  The surgery was a little over two weeks ago and he is doing great now.

He is able to walk and is getting back to his old self. We were able to take him with us on our trip to Georgia, which was great. While we're in Hilton Head he is staying at a Pet Hotel where we can visit him. We have a few more days here and then it's back to the real world next week. 

More soon!