Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well it has officially been one week (and a day) since we moved. We are so much further along this year than when we moved last year. I guess we are getting better at this moving thing! Hopefully we won't have to say that again next year (or even the year after that!). I can definitely see us staying put for awhile, unless it would really work out in our favor financially (and lifestyle wise) to move, which is basically what happened this time. 

Because we weren't worried about big projects this year (like new floors and paint through-out!) we were able to focus on things like bringing boxes over early, hanging drapes and actually decorating.

Here is our progress on the new place so far:

Looking into the kitchen:

Dining Room:
Linds, do you recognize the table? :)

The built-in in the dining room with some special & pretty items:

Close-up on a special tea set from Mrs. S (and the little suitcase I love from Gmom B!):

We (ok, I) have decided I don't love the rug that we got for the living room, so we're going to exchange that.  We picked out these other two and still have to decide which one we like the best for the room (if any.. I  may exchange them all! Stores love me and my indecisive decorating style, haha.)

Living Room:

Drapes & Wall Sconces in the Living Room:

RJ hung blinds in both of the bathrooms:

The cats love the window seat in the dining room, they are always sitting up there! Unfortunately, the were getting a little too friendly with our plants, so I came up with a plan to keep them out - putting little rocks on top of the dirt so they can't play in the planters and make a mess!

More soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moving Day!

Saturday - March, 17th

We had the perfect weather for moving day last weekend - mid 70's and sunny. We did it all in about 3 or 4 hours. Halley, Laura and I took the first load over in my car and their Element. We just unloaded everything into the main living room area and I stayed behind to put the boxes (etc.) in their proper rooms. That made a big difference! Last year, boxes and furniture sat piled in the main living area until we had time to unpack. This year was also better because we moved on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, so we had the whole next day to unpack and get settled. 

Here are some pictures from moving day..

Loading up the truck

Halley carried my house plants on her lap to make sure they stayed safe and sound!

Shawn & RJ loading up the truck

Big Reed, Laura and a bunch of our stuff!

It was hot that day, Harvey was worn out!

Unloading the furniture into the new place

The moving crew afterward!

THANK YOU ALL! We couldn't have done it without you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

RJ's trip to California

RJ had to take a 4-day trip to San Diego for a work conference a few weeks ago and I was so proud of him for taking pictures! Before you get too envious of his trip, they truly were working (too much! The conferences and meetings start at 7 and go til 5pm and then they have to do dinner and all that jazz.. so he was exhausted!). They did, however, get to do one activity afternoon in which they rode 4-wheelers in the sand dunes. The only thing I had to say about that was "wear a helmet!!".

While I'm on the subject of patting him on the back for a job well done, I'll go ahead and mention that RJ single-handedly fixed the neighbor's oven and their toilet last weekend! It's funny, we had the side with the older appliances and have never had any trouble. They had a leaky toilet and an oven that needed some sort of valve. RJ's mind works in a way that he can look at their oven, take the part he thinks is the problem to an appliance store and talk to whoever is working there about what needs to be done.. and then do it himself. I thought for sure we would need to call an electrician, but he did it and took care of the toilet too, all in one Sunday afternoon. Very well done, honey! We have really been lucky, other than those issues last weekend we haven't heard of any issues from either of our tenants in months! 

More on the move soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting ready..

Since getting the keys last week, we've been over at the house everyday either giving tours, bringing over a few boxes or doing a few minor projects. The place is basically move-in ready except for hanging a shower curtain rod upstairs, rods and shelves in the closets and drapes downstairs. That's it! We couldn't be happier about that.

On Sunday RJ had his drummer and bassist buddies over to jam for a few hours while the house was empty. He went next door to introduce himself to the neighbors who said they were ok with the noise. He said they were a young couple in their early thirties, so that is good.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days at the house:

From the pictures you'd think the hardwoods were shiny and new, which is not the case. I love that about them. They are scratched and worn and you can tell the house has been lived in. It was built in 1916 so things like that give it so much character.

On the other side of that built-in shelf in the dining room is a built in breakfast nook. We'll have to find the perfect old table to fit in that corner. 

We both love this house and can't wait to make it home!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

First week of March

On Sunday we celebrated Big Reed's birthday with lasagna (with the meatballs on the side for us birdetarians!), antipasto salad, presents and of course.. cake. I didn't get a picture of the cake but it was so good (both that night and the leftovers we were given to enjoy the next day).

Saturday we saw a few local bands play at a Battle of the Bands event our friend Ryan's YMCA was co-sponsoring. It was definitely interesting.

We also made the best pasta this week - it was whole wheat lemon-pesto penne with asparagus and tomatoes. On Monday night both of us had our evening programs.. I did the art program at the shelter and RJ works with the Urban boys who (clearly) wore him out (and the cat too). 

Yesterday we found out we got the place we saw last weekend - different from the other one we thought we would get as of last week. We decided we should look for a middle ground between the expensive place and the cheap place.. and found the perfect one! We put our application and deposit in that day and get the keys tomorrow morning! We can't wait. Pictures promised!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On the Move Again

11 Months after moving into this place.. we are on the move again! We moved last April, and as long as everything proceeds as planned, we'll be moving again March 15th.

This place came together quicker than we thought it would, and a few times through-out this year I received emails from families we "didn't choose" for the other side of the duplex "checking in" on our side. It's in a great school district and one of the only rentals available in the area with 3 bedrooms (not to mention a big yard and basement) so it's a great family place. We love this neighborhood and I could definitely see us moving back in a few years once we have a family of our own. For the time being, however, we want to try something new. Something more urban. We tried out the suburbs at the condo, the "country" feel out here and now we want to try a more urban area. We have been blessed to be able to try out multiple areas before deciding where we want to settle. 

We're not going to rent for a year or so while we try out an area closer to downtown Akron (about 3 minutes from my office!). I usually go into the office 2 or 3 days per week, so it will be a lot more convenient for that.

Now for another exciting piece of news.. 

I have had an ad for our half of the duplex up online for a few days now, and this week I have shown it to 2 families and 2 couples without children. All of them have set up come-back showings and one couple filled out an application on the spot and told me they hope we "choose them". I think they would be a good fit because they have 2 boys (2 and 6) and the neighbors have a 1.5 year old boy and 2 girls 5 and 8. This yard is so great and we love seeing them enjoy it. The girls love to climb trees and have tea parties on their patio. I will definitely miss them, they are so cute.

One other couple has a come-back appointment tomorrow and RJ still has to look over the applications with me (he's been out of town), but it's exciting that we have people ready to go if we decide they'd be a good fit. 

I have been such an official "land-lady" the past few days.. I have an info sheet (like you get as house showings) and rental applications printed out to give everyone that comes through. We're trying to be more organized this time around, even though so far we've been really lucky with our tenants.

With the renters set.. we just need to pick the perfect place for us..

Wish us luck!