Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well it has officially been one week (and a day) since we moved. We are so much further along this year than when we moved last year. I guess we are getting better at this moving thing! Hopefully we won't have to say that again next year (or even the year after that!). I can definitely see us staying put for awhile, unless it would really work out in our favor financially (and lifestyle wise) to move, which is basically what happened this time. 

Because we weren't worried about big projects this year (like new floors and paint through-out!) we were able to focus on things like bringing boxes over early, hanging drapes and actually decorating.

Here is our progress on the new place so far:

Looking into the kitchen:

Dining Room:
Linds, do you recognize the table? :)

The built-in in the dining room with some special & pretty items:

Close-up on a special tea set from Mrs. S (and the little suitcase I love from Gmom B!):

We (ok, I) have decided I don't love the rug that we got for the living room, so we're going to exchange that.  We picked out these other two and still have to decide which one we like the best for the room (if any.. I  may exchange them all! Stores love me and my indecisive decorating style, haha.)

Living Room:

Drapes & Wall Sconces in the Living Room:

RJ hung blinds in both of the bathrooms:

The cats love the window seat in the dining room, they are always sitting up there! Unfortunately, the were getting a little too friendly with our plants, so I came up with a plan to keep them out - putting little rocks on top of the dirt so they can't play in the planters and make a mess!

More soon!


  1. How exciting! Your place looks amazing!

  2. These photos of your house are so PERFECT. Mostly because your house is perfect. Is it creepy that I'm reading this?