Monday, April 9, 2012

Life Lately

It's been awhile since I last posted so here are some of the pictures I've collected over the last few weeks.

* A little artist at the Spring Celebration on Saturday - it was an awesome Easter celebration for the shelter residents with activities for parents & children (I did the art activity), an Easter egg hunt and lunch. 

*RJ and I working from our couch before we had our offices set up a few weeks ago. 

*The Black Keys concert at the Quicken Loans Arena

*The cats sleeping in the bassinet Grandma brought for me / Harvey doing what he does best

*Making roasted red pepper hummus and eating it while we put together my clothing racks

Not pictured: 

*We celebrated Chelsey's birthday (a big one, 30th!) and Easter yesterday at Reed & Laura's. It was such a great evening.. I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't get any pictures unfortunately! 

This is a crazy week for us because our renters are moving into the duplex this weekend. That means we have to have it empty, clean and ready to go. Our closet doors are still off from when we got the carpet installed. They need to be sawed off and put back on, so that will definitely be a project. We also need to take down some shelves off of the walls and fill all the holes in the whole place, then repaint over those holes. It will definitely be quite a hectic week because I have a new session of art classes starting next week and have to get all the instructors ready for those. We are just trying to check off the <long> list one task at a time! We are excited to be totally moved out and done with the duplex after this week.. It will all be worth it!

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