Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The joys of being dog owners.

We love the puppies but we are definitely ready for them to find homes. When they're out and running around it's like having toddlers to chase after - everything ends up in their mouths and with pee on it!

Good thing they're cute.. <click the play button in the bottom left to play video>

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grace Snoring ...

You can hear RJ and Ryan's Super Mario Brother's game in the background (we kick it old-school style). 

In the next video, Grace performs her tricks! She already knew how to sit (kind of) and RJ taught her how to lie down. The only problem is most of the time she jumps the gun and goes ahead and lays down anytime we say sit. 

Harvey debuts his trick too - he can sit about half the time. Often times he just gets confused. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Grace!

On Tuesday morning I got an email from one of my friends from work (also named Rachel) about an abandoned dog family. Her parents own rental properties and her father found this mother and her two 4-week old puppies in one of their units. Apparently the tenant had left them there! And apparently they were on their own for awhile.. this poor mother is extremely malnourished. After I read their story and saw this picture she attached in the email (and showed RJ), 10 minutes later we were arranging a time to pick them up later that evening. 

Look at the poor thing, can you blame me?

So that evening we went to Rachel's to meet the family and take them home with us to be our new foster children. As soon as we met the dog we could tell what a sweetheart she was. She was wagging her tail and very happy to meet us. The whole way home she sat with me in the front seat and didn't make a peep. Now it's Thursday and I have still never heard her bark!

We decided on the name Grace because she was so sweet and forgiving to humans even though clearly she had been mistreated. Plus, it was by the grace of God that Rachel's father found them before they starved to death. 

She is very intelligent and very house trained! We thought she may have some accidents getting used to new food and a new routine... none yet. She can sit too and we're working on "stay". 

The puppies are still very little (only 4-weeks old!) and are still nursing which is so cute. We keep them upstairs in the spare room and Grace goes up to check on them every half an hour or so. They sleep together in the spare room at night.

Harvey likes having a new friend but we're making sure to give him extra attention so he doesn't get jealous. He's very curious about the puppies and likes to sniff them. Grace is ok with him sniffing them and us playing with them but she definitely stays close and supervises.

We tried not to keep the family apart from the other pets until they got checked out by our vet. Both of them were so curious about each other though.  RJ took the family to our vet yesterday to get them checked out. Of course we've got to get Grace fattened up but other than giving her some vitamins and antibiotics they all checked out ok! The puppies will be nursing for another week or so and then we have to transition them into watered down dry food. In about 4 weeks the puppies will be ready to go to  new homes. We already have a lot of people interested in adopting one! We will most likely be keeping Grace around, as long as she continues to get along well with Harvey and the cats.

Both Harvey and Grace are mild-mannered, calm dogs and Harvey appreciates that Grace isn't too hyper. She loves to lay around next to us, just like Harvey does.

She still loves people. RJ had his band-mates over to practice last night and she loved the extra attention from the guys.

I think RJ is her favorite. She is really curious about the cats and just wants to smell them.

We are definitely excited to have a "real dog" in addition to our cat-dog. Grace is the type of dog you can take on hikes and jogs (eventually..) and Harvey is still my favorite lap dog.

Welcome to the family, Grace!