Saturday, July 20, 2013


We have had such a great summer so far! It's moving fast (as always) and we've filled it with fun times with friends and family. This summer has already been SO much better than last summer because last year at this time I was working two jobs! I was still transitioning out of my old job and taking on more hours and responsibility with my new job, so that was really tiring for a weeks there last July.

A few highlights

First row: Last weekend, we had a picnic with Chelsey & Trevor and some new friends at Edgewater Beach. Who said Cleveland wasn't beautiful? Look at that lake! The picture on the far right was from a hike at one of my favorite local trails. 

Second row: One of my friends from work got married and had a photobooth! RJ and I had so much fun simply attending a wedding as guests with no bridesmaid/groomsmen duties!

Third row: Our new futon we carried home (only a 10 minute walk but we got a lot of strange looks!) and a wedding picture to commemorate our 7 year anniversary on June 3rd!

Fouth row: The zebra picture is from a field trip I went on for work a few weeks ago. We do four field trips in July and they are super fun and super hot. On the right side is our new fire pit! Perfect for roasting marshmallows and veggie or turkey dogs (RJ still likes the real thing).