Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breece Family Reunion at The Woods

A few weeks ago, Lindsay and Corey came to Akron to visit and ride with us to the Breece Family Reunion at The Woods in Hedgesville, West Virginia! The Breece family was getting together to celebrate Gmom and Gpop's 60th wedding anniversary! Quite the special occasion.

While Lindsay and Corey were here, we took them hiking, walked around Highland Square, and ate at several local restaurants. 

Harvey loved having them there and getting the extra attention. What a baby! (Thanks to Linds for this pic!)

 After a quick 4.5(ish) hour drive, we arrived at the Woods on Friday. It was so good to get to see everyone and come together to celebrate Gmom and Gpop.

(Thanks, Diana for this photo!)

During the afternoon on Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and went for a hike.

There was also time for some homerun derby..

On Saturday night we went out to a really great local restaurant as a group and had a great time.

Later that evening, David and Diana taught us how to play Trains. I won't include myself in the "us" because RJ did most of the work for team Breece-Stith. 

We wanted to play some music but didn't have any speakers to hook up to our phones.. so David came up with this brilliant make-shift speaker. It actually kind of worked! Well done, cousin.

Diana and I both brought our dogs and they got along well. They are both pretty calm and laid back so I think they liked keeping watch over the house together when we were out. And by "keeping watch" of course I mean sleeping.

Madigan is such a cutie, she's a lab/basset mix with the cutest ballerina feet. 

And Harvey doesn't stray too far..

It was a really quick but really nice weekend.. I hope we will do it again!