Monday, April 23, 2012


From the pictures:

* Last week we went to Aunt Lynn's house to help Chrissy before her move and hang out with them. Always fun to hang out, they are so much fun. Aunt Lynn's downstairs bathroom is the prettiest color of clue (pictured above)

*We have been taking lots of walks around close-by neighborhoods. We really love this area and love taking walks. A lot of trees and flowers are still blooming as you can see. 

*Harvey and I - he came with us when we were finishing up at the duplex - the tenants are in now and that is such a relief! 

*A fruit carving at the vegan/vegetarian fest Mary and I went to at Kent State yesterday, it was awesome! 

*Breakfast from our shnazzy new blender. We've been making smoothies at least once a day - we add lots of vanilla protein powder, fruit and even kale for extra vitamins. They are delicious!

*A rug I got for the attic space, everything is starting to come together!


We have been keeping busy these last few weeks. We are so relieved to be done over at the duplex. The tenants moved in on the 15th, so that entire week before that was pretty hectic. There were lots of last minute projects to be done (like putting all the closet doors back on upstairs) and cleaning to be done. RJ was awesome that week and did most of the project solo. It was also the week before the last session of KidzArt classes started, one of my busiest times of the year. Luckily I got everyone set by Thursday so Friday and Saturday I went over and cleaned it up really good - I told RJ to stay home since he had done so many other projects that week. He also finished getting all of our stuff out of there too. So getting the tenants settled over there has been a big relief! We felt like we were both working around the clock because unfortunately our jobs weren't "on hold" while we were getting the duplex ready. 

The Friday before the tenants moved in we went Reed and Laura's to help Halley and Shawn move out.. we are so excited for them! They have a great apartment downtown Cleveland where Halley can walk to work. I can't wait to see it! All 8 of us went over that night to help load up the moving truck. Saturday they had a few movers unload the truck which was good because Saturday was also our last day before the tenants moved in!

Last week RJ was able to catch up on work and visit customers for a night. He has only been having to travel a night or two every other week which has been so nice. I love having him home all day! Even though we're both in our offices working it's nice to have lunch together or take a break to take a walk. We are so lucky!

Last week was busy busy with Project RISE because we have a big grant due soon. My boss estimates it takes about 80 hours to compile all the info and write the grant - it's the biggest one of the year. Needless to say everyone was asked to help out a lot. I  usually only put 1 day in the office but last week I did 3! I love helping out but I also have to get the KidzArt work done too, so it was a busy week! I will probably go in 1 or 2 days this week to make sure we get everything in on time.

More soon!

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