Thursday, March 8, 2012

First week of March

On Sunday we celebrated Big Reed's birthday with lasagna (with the meatballs on the side for us birdetarians!), antipasto salad, presents and of course.. cake. I didn't get a picture of the cake but it was so good (both that night and the leftovers we were given to enjoy the next day).

Saturday we saw a few local bands play at a Battle of the Bands event our friend Ryan's YMCA was co-sponsoring. It was definitely interesting.

We also made the best pasta this week - it was whole wheat lemon-pesto penne with asparagus and tomatoes. On Monday night both of us had our evening programs.. I did the art program at the shelter and RJ works with the Urban boys who (clearly) wore him out (and the cat too). 

Yesterday we found out we got the place we saw last weekend - different from the other one we thought we would get as of last week. We decided we should look for a middle ground between the expensive place and the cheap place.. and found the perfect one! We put our application and deposit in that day and get the keys tomorrow morning! We can't wait. Pictures promised!

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