Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Progress

We made a lot of good progress this weekend! On Saturday I went over and finished the second coat in RJ's office and a first coat on the two accent walls in my office. The accent walls are going to be aqua. Not very neutral, I know.. which is why I'm only doing it on two of the walls and two of them will be white. I couldn't resist when we found this mis-tinted paint for $5 and it matched my fingernails. Bring on the color!

I'm really excited about this fun color - can you tell?

RJ was busy helping Tyler (Renee's husband) put in some new flooring in their house on Saturday - I think he had a little too much fun being manly with Tyler because he came home raving about all of Tyler's cool tools. He was excited because he thinks he learned enough that he could do something similar in our place, which would be great. 

Today we went over and the first thing we did was check under the carpet on the stairs for hardwood. It was actually pretty fun ripping it up! (I got the 2nd picture with my handy dandy tripod and self timer!)

We were really excited with what we found under the carpet...

Hardwood! As you can see it's not in the best shape, but we can either sand and stain it or paint it.

Unfortunately, the owner was right and there is not hardwood under the carpet in the living room, just plywood.

 RJ thinks he can pretty easily put in nice laminate flooring (hardwood style) or newer looking carpet.

After we checked under the carpets it was time to get started on the painting. After putting in about 4 hours today we have our bedroom almost completely done, except for the stripe. We are painting our room two shades of gray, with a stripe of fuscia on the wall our bed will be on. I hope the fuscia will be a fun background for the big shelf that goes above our bed:

I know that probably seems a little.. colorful, but when all is said and done I think it will all come together! As with the aqua in my office, I have some harebrained color schemes going on and so far RJ has been very trusting. This outfit was the color inspiration for this room.. aqua, gray and fusica - one of my favorite color combos!

This dress came with a Sari and with all that extra fabric I'm making pillows for our bed:

 RJ makes a good painting buddy. We had a fun afternoon filled with classic rock, "remember whens" and "have I ever told you about that time?'s"

I get really messy when I paint..

And so does Harvie.

We left the lid off of one of the paint cans and he decided to lay down in the sunny spot next to it. 

All in all a great weekend's work. Our goal is to get all of the painting done upstairs this week (except for in the bathroom, we're holding off on that for now) and be ready to think about the floors upstairs by next Sunday.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Love the paint you chose and so excited about your hardwood steps! Yay!