Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Lately

It's been awhile since I checked in and shared some pictures. We have been keeping busy:

-Playing music. RJ has 3 projects going now which is great. 

-Staying active at the Y (we got a gym membership and love it. I love the cardio machines and RJ loves to play basketball.) 

-Taking walks. Even when it's cold, Grace loves to go for walk-jogs or play at the dog park we have close by. Since she has such short hair, she gets cold easily so we got her a shnazzy little fur coat to help keep her warm (see below). 

-Hanging out with friends & family. Between band practices/hang outs, double dates, family outings and birthday celebrations it has been a great, full few weeks. 

-Working. RJ <luckily> hasn't had to travel more than a few days here and there and that's been really nice. I have been going into the office a lot which I really like. 

-Cooking. We've been "meal planning" where I pick a few new recipes to try at some point during the week and get the ingredients for. I recently tried these cauliflower "buffalo wings" and they were great!

Now for some pictures:

These don't even need a caption. We've been making a lot of pancakes:

We have discovered a winter activity we can do outdoors and actually enjoy - ice skating! A few weeks ago we went with some friends, Christine and Kevin, in downtown Akron. Perfect double date!

RJ showing the kids at the Y he's still got it:

I won't wait so long to check in next time.


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