Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our day on the Portage Lakes

There are so many things I love doing during the summer. It's definitely one of my favorite seasons (truthfully, all of the seasons are my favorite except winter). This year, I didn't want to let another summer go by without doing two things:

1) Go to a music festival (check!!)

2) Rent a boat on the Portage Lakes and spend the day on it.

I am so happy to say we did them both and definitely want to add them to our usual summer activities.

The day on the boat a few weekends ago was just what we needed. Sun, relaxation, cool water and friends.

We went with our friends, Carrie and Kevin and had the best time enjoying the sun and beautiful scenery. The guys swam a little bit but Carrie and I just dipped our legs in.. the water the freezing!

We loved scoping out the houses on the lake and exploring the inlets and canals.

I wish there were a few more weeks left in summer, it just went by too fast this year! But fall is pretty great too.

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