Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heron Workshop

Last Saturday, we had the unique opportunity of going to a metal sculpture welding workshop in Mt. Vernon. Big thanks to Reed and Laura because it was such a great experience! It was a great time with family and definitely a day to remember. We made metal heron sculptures for the yard and loved how they turned out!

Chelsey and Trevor cutting out their wing (above) and Reed and Laura bending the body of their heron (below).

Big Reed welding!  (below)

RJ absolutely loved welding! Well, he loved the bending and cutting too. I liked the bending and cutting but was a little too nervous to try to the welding. 

Here's the two of us with our finished product: 

And the whole gang, including our instructors:

It was such a great day and the hosts were wonderful. The workshop even included a really delicious lunch which was an added bonus. Especially with two pregnant family members!

Thanks again, Reed and Laura!

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