Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Projects: Basement, Shed and Sticks

We were fairly productive this weekend despite taking Saturday "off" to celebrate our anniversary! We went on the Art Walk in Cleveland's Little Italy and also walked around Coventry Village and got dinner there.

 It was a great day and on Sunday we were ready to tackle some projects!

Project #1: Basement 

 Since moving in our basement has basically become the "catch all" area. Cluttered and disorganized doesn't even begin to describe it! We finally decided enough was enough and it was time to tackle the craziness.


We made a big dent in organizing but it's hard to tell. Our vision for the basement is to have it divided into a "utility area" (treadmill, free weights, cat stuff and washer & dryer, storage shelf) and a "hobby area" (RJ's music stuff, the dart board and my sewing table). We got everything moved into it's appropriate side and corner, so that was a big step. We also hung an old sheet that is acting as our temporary room divider. We went through a lot of our extra stuff and decided what was going to stay and what was going in the garage sale pile. After moving all the garage sale items to the garage the utility area looks a lot better! We got a utility shelf to put extra tools, paint, etc. on.


So as you can see it still needs a lot of work.. but we did make a good dent! We also bought a new night fixture to hang in the hobby side so it doesn't feel so much like a dingy basement.

I should backtrack a second and show you the great sewing machine/sewing table combo RJ picked up for me! It's in good condition and the sewing machine tucks down into the table.

The chair opens up for extra storage and it came with a bunch of cool accessories! The girl who sold it to RJ told him it belonged to her Grandmother and she used it all the time.

Both Halley and Renee gave me sewing books for my birthday - I can't wait to try out some of the projects!

RJ also had to get some work done on the roof - scary right? It wasn't so bad.. he started with the shed roof which isn't too high. The insurance company wants us to remove all the moss from both the shed roof and house roof.

He did a good job - it looks much cleaner!

He also cut up a bunch of the big branches and sticks we had in a huge pile in the backyard. Collette (the 4 year old neighbor) came out to help break up sticks. She was a little down because her sister Chloe (the 7 year old) was at a birthday party and she wasn't invited because it was for "big girls only". The girls love the cats and the cats like the extra attention. Harvie too of course. We really like having them as neighbors - they are very entertaining!

The stick pile is slowly getting smaller as we're trying to have fires often. We have the back set up with our grill and patio furniture and got a few tiki torches, so it's really become a great hangout area.

I got some all white meat turkey dogs at the store and RJ can't get enough fire cooked hot dogs. I can handle a bite or two but I'm not a huge hot dog person - even if it's turkey. We've been having the best weather for grilling out and fires. I can't get enough grilled corn, zucchini and grilled portabella burgers.

Harvie hoping RJ will share his hot dog..

More soon!

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  1. You two are adorable, I love reading about your house adventures!!! I am currently creating a small army of home idea pictures on Pinterest...are you on there too???