Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

What a fun long weekend we had! 

On Saturday we got some work done on the cornhole boards. By we of course I mean RJ. I was very "helpful" as moral support on the hammock (it's blurry because I was swinging). This set is for RJ's dad and he's painting them Brown's colors.

Earlier that afternoon I did a Unicorn Art birthday party.. the kids decorated canvas totebags with unicorns. They turned out so cute!

On Sunday we went to RJ's parents' house with the whole fam. RJ got to "introduce" everyone to his new ride and we had the best dinner - make your own chicken tacos with a smorgasbord of toppings. Dessert was the same style with make your own ice cream sundaes - the best! I wish I had pictures from after dessert where we played what may have been the most classic game of Catchphrase ever. Any game with Trevor promises to be highly entertaining, this time was no exception.

On Monday we did a lot of running around and got a lot of errands done and then went to Dad's for Mary's belated-birthday dinner. Harvie got to go too so he was thrilled with all the attention he got this weekend. We had the best vanilla almond cake and chocolate chip shaving cake - so good!

I wish every week would involve a 3-day weekend...


  1. I am interested in the cornhole boards? Is it a game?
    Those deserts especially the last day...oh my gracious...looks divine!!!

  2. Is that chocolate shavings cake from GE? I think we ate that yesterday too. :)