Monday, September 26, 2011


For the first time in awhile I can say we've actually had a pretty productive last few days! Last week, we went to Lowes and finally picked some carpet for the upstairs. The animals are especially thrilled. We got to take home a few carpet samples to see how they looked in our lighting, etc. We had them laying out in the hallway upstairs for a few days and a couple times, I walked out of my office and all 3 of them were laying on the samples. I wish I would've taken a picture of that and the one we chose. It's very similar to what is on the neighbor's side of the duplex - a beige color with flecks of color to hide stains. We're hoping this will last a long time, so wanted something durable and renter-friendly for the future. It should be installed in the next few weeks.. moving all our furniture upstairs is going to be quite the ordeal. As "cheap" as we are, we decided to pay the $99 to have the Lowe's team move the furniture downstairs and back up after installation.

Saturday was such a great day, I was looking forward to it all week. RJ needed a new license, so we planned on going to the falls DMV.. mostly because it was a fantastic excuse to go to El Campesino for lunch and hit up the Village Discount Outlet on State road. My favorite Mexican place and my favorite discount/thrift store - like I said, it was a great day!

Now that it's getting cooler, I've been on the lookout for cheap, worn-in grandpa sweaters. I found one for $1.50! (Yes, I washed it!). 

I also found a dust ruffle that I loved, also for $1.50. (Yes, I washed that too. While RJ was at the Brown's game on Sunday I did 3 loads of laundry! That doesn't seem fair does it? Don't worry, he cleaned the toilets later). The dust ruffle was a full and out bed is a queen, so I had to get a little creative to make it fit like I wanted it to. I cut it down the middle to make it bigger and then put pins in the corners. Aren't I clever?

Harvie approved.

I love going to discount stores with RJ because he is easily able to entertain himself in the "stuff" (aka junk) section. He loves looking at the old books, games, records, etc. When we were ready to check out, he showed me his special find for the day: an electric windshield wiper. I'll let you decide if you think this will ever be used or even taken out of it's box.. but it was 90-cents and he liked it so I resisted the urge to question the purchase. Also, it wasn't my place to question when I had a dust ruffle, a grandpa sweater, a necklace and a sheet that I intend to turn into pillows. 

We also went to Wayside to finally pick out a legit couch for the living room! We've had our "temporary set" in there for a few months - it was a $200 used set from craigslist we think we can re-list and hopefully re-sell for $200. We knew eventually we wanted to get a sectional but A. wanted to save up a little more $ and B. wanted to make sure we like our room color and set-up before deciding on an expensive addition. The set we have now is fine and if we needed to we could stick with it for awhile. It's not as comfy as we'd like for as often as we use it. A lot of our hobbies we do from the couch.. watching LOST (a show we get through Netflix we're addicted to), blogging and reading blogs (me), playing guitar (RJ), sleeping on the back cushion (Harvie), looking around the room and talking about how we really need to get working on the molding/chair rail (both). The one we chose was actually under budget so that was a big plus. It's supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, I can't wait!

After getting home on Saturday RJ wanted to work on his favorite toy (they have a love/hate relationship), his tractor. When it's up and running and he's mowing it's definitely love. This time around it was hate because the dumb thing is having issues again, he thinks it has to do with the fuel tubing (I think). While RJ was working on his toy, Harvie and I supervised on the hammock and took fun pictures.

Another fun thing we did this weekend was make Thanksgiving dinner. Sounds strange right? It was RJ's idea.. a very good one! We went to the store and got one of those rotisserie chickens, green beans, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. Confession - we didn't feel like peeling and cooking potatoes the real way, so got one of those pre-made Bob Evan's homestyle mashed potatoes.. but we got fresh green beans to saute so that evens it out right?

So remember in my Chicago post where I mentioned something funny RJ said? It was the hair shampoo comment, straight out of the "guys don't know anything about girl stuff" handbook. Well, in all fairness, us girls don't know anything about "guy stuff" either (or maybe just me?). Since I'm the narrator of our lives on this little blog, RJ doesn't get to tell you about the silly things I say.. and believe me, there are plenty. This weekend when we were heading to the DMV, we passed the indoor golf place that RJ and Big Reed are planning on going to. When we passed it and he pointed it out, I said: "It looks pretty small for an indoor golf course.." and RJ looked at me funny and then explained that it's not an actual golf course.. apparently they just put different holes up on the screen (or something like that). That makes a lot more sense.. can you imagine how big an actual indoor golf course would be? Guess I didn't think that one through.. I figured it was only fair to tell RJ's side too. I'm sure there are plenty more where that came from.

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