Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day

Last weekend we celebrated Father's Day which is a very special day. Both of us have been blessed with wonderful Fathers and Grandfathers who we love very much.

On Saturday Dad and I went to dinner and to see a local production of Hairspray at the Civic here in Akron. I was coordinating a work event and meeting some of the families we work with there, so he got to see me in action, work-wise.

On Sunday we went to RJ's parents' to celebrate with cornhole, sangria and family - some of my favorite things! Except for the corn hole, I need some practice in that department.

We had shish-kabobs (a lot of them were veggie only which was excellent!) which was the perfect meal. Chelsey made an awesome rice salad with mixed veggies and we brought a good salad too - see below! Halley brought the ingredients for ice cream sundaes which was a great idea.

Nothing better than a fresh veggie salad - our contribution to Sunday's Father's Day Festivities:

Monday was the SAYM golf outing which Dad was coordinating and RJ and his dad were playing in to raise money for the program. Thankfully it didn't rain like it did last year! I helped Mary set up some of the raffle prizes before having to leave to do my Monday evening art program.

We talked about nutrition and made prints with apples and carrots, so cute!

On Tuesday we felt a cyst on Craze's belly about the size of golfball, so it was pretty alarming! RJ took him to the vet and she removed it. They had to shave a good chunk of his belly fur and now he has some staples keeping the wound together.. poor kitty!

RJ had to leave yesterday for a few meetings and a conference in Indiana. Luckily it's a pretty quick drive and he will be back today. He didn't travel at all last week and so far doesn't have anything lined up for next week.

Happy Friday!

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