Monday, June 11, 2012


A few Saturday's ago RJ and I worked Trevor's Pasta Booth at a local Farmer's Market - it was great!

Usually Chelsey and Trevor both sell pasta on Saturday mornings, but Chels was hosting a baby shower that day so they needed someone to babysit the booth at one of the markets. RJ and I made a good team, I doled out the pasta and RJ impressed customers with his friendly nature and by doing math in his head.

Don't let the sun deceive you - it was so windy that day! We even saw a few other vendors' tents blow over.. crazy.

I've mentioned before we love sitting in our rocking chairs on the porch in the evenings. So do the animals:

Sometimes Harvey and Craze have to fight for lap space.

Last weekend G-mom and G-pop Breece came to Ohio for a days and it was great to see them, as always! Last Sunday was also our 6 year anniversary! We were able to have a nice lunch-date to celebrate before cleaning the house before "inspection" and going to dinner with the family. 

On Monday Gmom, Mary and I had a lovely ladie's lunch and Gmom and I saw the movie 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'. It was really cute! 

On Tuesday Gmom and I went to the National First Ladies' Library in Canton. President McKinley and his wife Ida Saxton McKinley had a beautiful home in Canton we were able to tour through. We had a great docent and learned a lot!

The home was truly beautiful and unique. 

This weekend I had one goal in mind - work on the flower beds and plant some herbs! On Saturday we went to a local Greenhouse and picked up a bunch of herbs and some more air-plants for inside.

We I also really wanted to "transplant" (haha) some of the "tall orange flowers" (I think that's the Scientific name) in the front. See how there are a bunch of them on the left side of the house and none on the right side?

 It was bothering us me, so we decided to move some of them over to the other side. RJ dug out a nice little dirt bed to plant them in.

After we were done RJ said: "well you may need to wait a few days to take your after picture.."

I think we may have killed the plants we tried to move. Right now they're all droopy and sad in their new spot. Hopefully they will perk up!

We also needed to clear out the bed in the back where we wanted to plant the herbs. 

We got that bed nice and cleaned out and added some extra soil.  We're starting with 5 herbs and some spicy peppers. There is a lot more room so I'm going to do some research and see what else will grow well in that bed.

On Sunday I went to Toledo with a few of my local blogger friends to attend a blogger meet-up. It was great to meet some of the girls whose blogs I read! You may recognize Jessica, Lyndsey and Stacia from my pictures from the swap here.

The photographer, Kathy, did a great job - she's from Photography by K.

Happy Monday, here's to a great week!

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