Monday, March 25, 2013

Reed & Laura's 60th Birthday Party

We have two very important birthdays to celebrate in 2013 - Big Reed's was on March 4th and Laura's is on April 11th! We chose a great in-between date for a joint party, St. Patrick's Day. 

We had so much fun celebrating with these two and the rest of the fam! 

Halley, RJ and I actually got together at Chelsey & Trevor's house the week before to hash out all the fun details and plan the party. We decided St. Patrick's Day traditional food was a must:

Corned beef (with swiss cheese, rye bread and dijon mustard) and crab cakes with aioli for the bird-a-tarians of the group. Chelsey made some delicious brussels sprouts and Halley made Irish soda bread and traditional colcannon dish with mashed potatoes and kale. Our contribution was picking up sandwich ingredients (including corned beef and pickles from Ivan's deli in Akron, they're great!) and providing cheese & crackers. You can see who the true cooks are in the family! Although I did make a salad, so that's something! 

We had a great time hanging out outside by the fire and a new gas heater for the patio that was the "big gift" from all the kids (I include spouses in that, we consider ourselves honorary Stith kids!). 

RJ and I got there early so he could assemble the gas lamp. Give that guy some instructions (destructions?) and a set of tools and watch him go. He definitely got it going! 

We got Laura a pretty princess crown that said 40 instead of 60. She had said previously that her 40's were a great decade and she'd like to remain "in her 40's" for a little longer. 

That's ok with us, her secret is safe! 

The dogs were very interested in trying some of Trevor's corned beef...

"Just a little bite?"

Of course we had to celebrate with a delicious cake!

It was a great day and a fantastic way to celebrate two special people! 

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