Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What we've been up to..

July 8th: Saturday evening church & Dinner date with Renée and Tyler:

We walked passed a book store with the cutest little fuzzball cat sleeping in the window! Luckily Renée is always ready for a photo op :)

July 9th: Taking Harvie to Dad's for Dinner..

 As you can see above, Tigger has the size advantage.

Mary made us a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad (and salmon too) and Harvie got some salmon himself:

We've also been doing some work around the house, as always! I have been helping RJ put up our chair-rail downstairs and he put in all the quarter-round! It's starting to look good downstairs!

RJ got a nail gun and it's been quite a handy tool!

 I finally put up my plate wall too!

This was a little do-it-yourself weekend project.. remember those two bronzey trees we had on either side of the fireplace in the condo? We had one hanging in the dining area for a few weeks. I wasn't thrilled with the bronze color and our accent color against the blue is now yellow (I recently decided). So I used the same paint we're using in the kitchen to do a base coat of pale yellow on the tree. I also got a darker, more gold-toned yellow spray paint to add a little dimension.

Stay tuned for more this week - Pictures from Halley's birthday dinner last Saturday and Chelsey's swap party on Sunday!

Here's a swap party preview - I can't remember if I've already mentioned I'm wearing my hair red now.. if not, here it is!

 Above: Renée & I / Below: Halley & Chels

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