Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend - it really flew by and time has gotten away from me (it's been one of those "it's already Thursday?" weeks).

On Saturday we met Tyler, Renée and her sister, Natalie at the evening church service. We are so excited R & T came to church and that we will hopefully be joining them again soon! I miss being 5 minutes away, but we love the pastor and service so much we're definitely willing to drive the 25-30 minutes on a Saturday night.

After church the 4 of us went on a old school style double date to a drive in restaurant, it was so good!

It worked out perfectly because the drive-in restaurant was conveniently on the way to our next stop: a backyard bonfire at RJ's co-worker's house. I had met Barb a few times at RJ's office so was excited to get to know her and her husband better. They had a few other couples over and let me tell you.. it was hilarious! It was good to know "older people" (their words, not ours!) can still have a good time. They even have a pinball machine in their basement! I guess it goes without saying that my pinball skills are lacking and RJ won. Barb was a teenager during the 70's and had a great collection of classic rock music. We loved hearing their stories and both agree we were born into the wrong generation, musically speaking at least.

On Sunday we went to Ryan and Michelle's house - Ryan is RJ's drummer buddy and Michelle is his wife. Luckily for me, when drums are involved in their jamming they play at their house. RJ goes over there at least once a week and always tells me about their friendly cats.. his favorite being the giant one. I didn't realize giant was an understatement until I met this cat.. 

Meet Gilbert:

I don't know if you can tell how big he is or not from the pictures. He's definitely the biggest cat I've ever seen! Friendly too.

We went straight from Ryan and Michelle's to RJ's parents' house in Hudson where we celebrated Trevor's birthday (it was the 1st) and the 4th. Check out this beautiful cheesecake:

Festive and delicious. 

Laura gave us a bunch of special trees from Chelsey and Trevor's wedding that were planted in their yard. We planted them along the back and a few on the sides of our yard, I love them! They are about 4 years old now. I plan on taking excellent care of them so they grow big and fill in nicely (I figure if I write that in our blog I'll be more likely to remember to water them). 

Here are all the trees in their bags with Harvie and Craze - aren't they helpful?

 The digger!

Lining the backyard:

& a few on the side yard:

It was a fun (and hot) weekend!

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