Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clips from the weekend

We had the best laid back Saturday night, it was lovely! We took Harvie and headed out to a nearby park on the lake. It's has a dock and a lot of people keep their boats there. We watched the sunset and watched people docking their boats. And of course, took pictures with my fun new phone. 

After that, we went to our favorite local restaurant/bar on the lake and had dinner. They always have live music and last night there was a bluesy band playing with a female guitarist. I wish I had taken pictures last Saturday - we went with Big Reed and Laura and saw a fun local band, Conestoga (a country-rock band).

In other news.. RJ got his company car on Friday! It's a 2011 Ford Fusion. We are beyond blessed!

RJ is going to get his Pathfinder all tuned up and then try to sell it. That way, our driveway won't resemble a parking lot (as much).

Today is a rainy Sunday. A good day for me to catch up on work (we have our big camp next week) and for RJ to have band practice. I hope it will clear up so we can take an evening bike ride later! We finally got helmets so I feel comfortable sharing the road with cars. Pictures promised :)

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