Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend RJ got to do one of his favorite chores - organizing! He has been working on the garage for a few hours every weekend. He got some shelves and it's looking much better. We still have a lot of junk we are planning on selling in the end-of-summer garage sale.

Admiring his work:

We also got some bikes recently! We still need to get some helmets so we can take them out (and a little dip in temperature would be nice too).

He's got his cornhole boards finished - now we just need to paint them!

On Sunday KidzArt was invited to take part in a Breast Cancer Awareness event at Firestone Country Club. I got to do face and hand-painting and got a very official name-tag.

Most people wanted to get pink ribbons on their face or hand. I suggested that if they knew anyone afflicted with Breast Cancer, I could add their initials. I did mine on my hand with NLB for my favorite survivor, G-mom Breece.

An example of what one little girl asked for:


  1. aww, you stole my heart with the pink ribbons!!!! I have a pink ribbon tattoo on my ankle, Yes...two time survivor here! :)

  2. Yep, I should have looked more carefully for the link to this blog on your other one -- it's right there! Can't wait to catch up on this one!