Monday, February 27, 2012


Freshly painted nails & tea  /  My tacky sweater  /  Sewing book from Mary  
Lunch: Veggie Burger  /  Civic Theater  /  Tacky Sweaters

This weekend we had something going on all 3 days, which made for a fun and busy couple of days. We had a sushi double-date at a new sushi place in town (Thanks, Dad!), a "tacky sweater" birthday party for a friends' husband and chaperoned a magic show at the Civic on Sunday.

The tacky sweater picture was taken at the bowling alley.. which is explains the terrible quality.. but at least you can see the detail on the sweater! That is Sarah-Jane in the plane sweater and of course my sweater is sequin-y and sparkly. I actually like my tacky sweater, but I admittedly have tacky or "artsy" taste.. and I'm glad it only cost me $3 at the Goodwill. I wish I would have gotten a group picture with the guys too!

Mary got me that sewing book and I've been reading it and getting all sorts of good project ideas. Now I just have to learn to use my new machine like a pro. I postponed my lesson for February.. they do them once a month so I'll go in March (or maybe April). We've been finishing up some last minute projects around here, so I want to be able to focus on practicing after my lesson. More on that later!

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