Sunday, May 1, 2011

Checking off the List

We had a great weekend as far as projects around the house(s) go. At the condo we replaced the screens (thanks to the cats they had gotten pretty torn up). When we were over there they mentioned that they didn't have room for the Grandfather clock after all (they were going to 'babysit' it for us as we don't have room for it). We wanted to go to church out by the condo anyway so we went back today to pick it up and drop it off at my dad's place.

The clock is huge and it had to rest in between us..

Both sets of renters moved in yesterday and we collected our first month's rent from both parties which made all this work we've been doing feel worth it! On Thursday RJ replaced the chandelier at the top of the renter's side stairs with another light. We still need to hang the chandelier in our dining room. On Friday I steam cleaned the carpets on the other side. Before Friday both our dryer and our kitchen sink were not in working condition - last week we made the decision to call a handyman to work on both of those. RJ had bought a new garbage disposal and had half installed it but needed a few more hours to figure out the rest. Unfortunately a few hours at one time isn't something we have right now and doing dishes in the bathroom was getting really old. The guy was able to fix them both on Friday afternoon so thank goodness we now have a usable kitchen sink and can do laundry. It's amazing how quickly laundry can pile up!

On Friday RJ also picked us up a new <used> lawnmower from a friend of a friend who fixes and restores mowers. He got a great commercial grade mower that mulches the grass as it goes so you don't have to empty any bags. It's also self propelled which we really wanted. Today after picking up/dropping off the Grandfather clock we came home and worked on the lawn for a few hours.

 We took turns mowing - it isn't bad if you take it in 20 minute shifts. It's just such a big yard - the house it on .8 acres. It took us a good 2.5 hours to do the whole thing.. that definitely counts as our exercise for the day. I actually think picking up all the sticks and fallen branches in the yard before mowing was worse - with all the wind we've been having that was a big job!

I also took some time to work on spray painting some shelves we're going to put up in my office.

 So all in all we:

*Got the duplex rental side all set for the renters (carpets steam cleaned, light fixture changed)
*Got the condo renters all set (screens replaced, Grandfather clock moved)
*Got 1st coat of paint on office shelves
*Caught another stray cat 
*Steam cleaned the new couch
*Worked on cleaning on the garage - moved the grill and patio furniture out back
*Picked up all the sticks and mowed the lawn
*Got the back part of my desk installed
*Did a few loads of laundry - nothing better than clean sheets!

After checking so many things off of the list for the weekend we decided to reward ourselves with some Rendino's pizza. It's a local favorite, right around the corner from the new place. 

Hard to beat pizza and beer on a Sunday night!

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