Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Projects

As you can see from the previous post we still have quite the extensive to-do list! We try to check off at least one or two things each night and a handful on the weekends. Last week we didn't get much done as we had something going on every week night! We still managed to fit in a few projects.. on Thursday before dinner with Renee and Tyler (see post from last week), RJ hung the shelf that goes above our bed and when we got home he decided to go head and install the new shower head! Very impressive.

On Friday night we finally got a set of couches! That alone made the house feel so much more like home. We got them from a guy in Akron about 25 minutes away and it took us two trips to get both the couch and loveseat - but it was worth it! They're a little bit darker than we wanted, a dark tan color. However for $200 for the set and they're basically new, we'll take it! It took us awhile to decide how we wanted to set up the room, but we finally have it set up the way we like it. This is a poor quality picture, it's from my cell phone. I can't find the usb cord for the camera I took all of our weekend pictures on, bummer! 

Another big thing we got done this weekend that was replace the old mailbox. We only had one mailbox for both sides of the duplex and the mailbox had somehow fallen off the post so was just sitting on top of it. Not cute. We went to Lowes and got two new mailboxes, number stickers, a 4x4 (I think) and some mailbox brackets. I have some great pictures of RJ in the process of building it on the camera that I can't find the cord for. I took these with my other camera yesterday so you can at least see the finished product!

I think we should paint the post so it's at least all one color.. but RJ likes the "industrial" look. It's pretty utilitarian but we're happy with it for now! 

While we were working on the mailbox, the neighbor, Jason, was cleaning out their side of the garage. We were laughing about how much further they are along than we are and they moved in about two weeks later. Oh well. We'll get there!

Their side of the garage..

 Our side ...


Leslie (the neighbor, Jason's wife) and I have already agreed we need to have a garage sale this summer because we both have a lot of junk to get rid of!

Another big project we tacked this weekend was clearing out the huge pile of sticks that was taking up some of our side parking. We moved all the sticks and branches into a new pile out back. We really need to have a fire to burn all of these!

Now we just need a rake so we can get all these leaves. 

 The new stick pile(s) outside:

The cat in the pictures above is Ti (better known as Craze), the cats love going outside.

On Sunday when we went to RJ's parents' house for Mother's day we picked up a few lawn care items. They use a lawn service now (smart..) so let us take some of their tools. We need to get out there this weekend and take care of the dandelions and bushes! <Click on the picture below to see it full size>

Last night I painted all of the molding downstairs. We're painting the molding white so we can add a white chair rail and white crown molding after we get the painting done.

Here's how the molding looked before:

Here's how it looks white (RJ is going to put in white quarter round that will cover up the bottom inch or so):

RJ measured 3 feet up and then we used the laser level to draw a pencil line where the chair rail will go.

Today/night we're going to try to get the first coat of paint up in the living room - or at least get a good portion of it done!

It's coming together - slowly but surely!

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  1. I very much enjoy the pictures you write on, your commentary always makes me chuckle. :-)