Monday, May 16, 2011

Downstairs Paint Progress

Last week I started painting the downstairs, starting with the molding. Before it was brown and now it's a clean white - I like it much better!

By the end of last week I had the molding and both paint colors done. Usually RJ does the edging because I hate how tedious it is - but this time I did it with a little paint brush. It took forever!

The paint colors we chose are two shades of light blue/gray. The lighter color on top and the darker on the bottom. It will be separated by a chair rail in the middle and there will be crown molding on top.

 We picked out the chair rail, quarter round and crown molding samples that we want to get - 
here's how they will look:

 I think it will look really good once we get it all up. Just having the new paint up looks a lot better.

On Saturday RJ took down the old light fixture in the dining room and put up the chandelier that was on the rental side. It looks ok but we think we're going to get a new, more modern one that gives off more light.

This coming Sunday we are leaving for Hilton Head with RJ's family - we are definitely ready for a vacation!

1 comment:

  1. The paint looks so good!!!

    And HILTON HEAD!?!?!? I am so jealous. That is one of my very favorite vacation destinations. Riding bikes everywhere, the sleepy town feel, going to Truffles for dinner...

    Le sigh.

    Have FUN!!!