Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Do List....

 We are slowly checking off our to-do list!

To Do:
*Hang above bed shelf in Bedroom
*Paint window area in bedroom
*Hang drapes in bedroom
*Install new garbage disposal
*Install new dryer tube
*Spray paint shelves
*Buy & Install new shower head
*Hang shelves in Rachel’s office
*Install new ventilation tube for dryer 
*Put in new garbage disposal in kitchen
*Buy & Install new light for the upstairs bathroom
*Hang other shelves in bedroom
*Draw chair rail lines in living room
*Tighten screws on scarf hanger, hang
*Fix hooks on front porch for hanging basket
*Get a drop-down table & stools for kitchen
*Paint living room
*Paint kitchen (pick color, buy paint!)
*Put up the chair rail, and crown molding downstairs
*Put in the Quarter Round downstairs
*Hang decorations in the downstairs
*Get a couch
*Organize/Unpack basement
*Bag up all the leaves in the front
*Organize/ Unpack garage
*Buy and install a Mailbox
*Buy/assemble a shelf for the garage
*Hang shovel rack for the garage
*Hang hose rack on front porch
*Buy a dining room table and chairs
*Hang chandelier in dining room
*Move sticks from the front to the back and make a new pile by the shed
*Install new shower head
*Vaccuum out dryer hookup
*Organize office

Eventually ... 
*Put in patio outside
*Privacy fence outside
*Remodel upstairs bathroom
*Floors upstairs?

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