Friday, October 14, 2011

New chairs, tractor and RIP Stuart

Last Sunday we had such a productive and great day. We went to the Goodwill (my favorite!) to look for kitchen chairs and finally found the perfect ones! $3 each! What a bargain and I love the color.

We wanted some that were relatively small to put in the kitchen on either side of Halley & Shawn's butcher block island.This is one of my favorite areas of the whole house. I love sitting there and flipping through the newspaper (let's be honest, I really mean Better Homes & Gardens) while enjoying a cup of coffee. Our kitchen is small, so it's hard for two people to cook at the same time. We love to cook together, so this allows one of us to chop at the island. Plus it's a good storage spot for our recycle bin. 

It was a gorgeous day (maybe one of our last) so we hung out outside for a little while before running the errands. RJ played frisbee with our little neighbor friends Chloe and Colette.

We also went to  Lowes (I swear they know us by name now) to look at Tractors. We really learned our lesson when it comes to buying used lawn equipment. Unless you can fix them yourself, you're better of just buying new and getting a warranty. We got a new Bronco. It was expensive but it should last a few years and with a yard size, it will save us a lot of time and energy spent on lawn maintenance. Plus it mulches up the leaves so no raking!

RIP Stuart..

Well our little friend sadly did not make it. When we got up the other morning he had died (hopefully peacefully in his sleep..) overnight. He probably got too cold or wasn't eating enough. We figured that as soon as his eyes opened he would die of a heart attack anyway (once he saw who his new parents were).

It was a fun little experiment while it lasted - he changed a lot everyday and had started growing fur! At first I wasn't keen on the idea of a mouse in the house.. but I warmed up to the idea after RJ said mentioned that we could get one of those plastic balls that hamsters run around in. I think the cats and Harvie would really enjoy that.

Maybe we are mouse people after all..

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