Monday, October 3, 2011

RJ's Birthday Clambake

 On Saturday RJ's parents' hosted the 3rd annual birthday/welcome fall clambake! It's always a blast and Aunt Lynn and (Cousin) Chrissy come out to celebrate which makes it extra special. Every year it we've had the clambake it's rained, so we set up the big boiler in the garage.

The pot is full of shrimp, potatoes, crab legs and of course, clams!

Everyone gets their own bag of clams to dig through.. 

Potatoes and shrimp..

Opening presents..

I got these adorable pajamas for Harvie for Halloween. He wanted to show them off..

 Toby wearing Harvie's PJ's..


Big thanks to Big Reed and Laura for hosting - it was a great birthday celebration as always :)

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