Friday, October 7, 2011


RJ got home from his business trip yesterday and he didn't come home empty handed! He brought me a box of delicious taffy. I had a surprise for him too.. a new hat and sunglasses I picked up for only $1.99!

That wasn't the only surprise he had for me last night.

I had to cover a class for one of the art instructors from 5-6, so didn't home til 6:45 or so. During that time, RJ had been working on his tractor (it's our second mower to give out this year.. I guess our lawn is too hard on them). Apparently when he was down there doing whatever he was doing, a mom-mouse poked her head out of the engine, freaked out, then ran away with an infant mouse in either arm! I wish I had video of this. RJ kept working but started hearing a little squeak.. the poor mom had to leave a baby behind! RJ felt so bad that he took the engine parts out so he could get to the baby mouse. 

When I got home he was sitting on the the couch with a box containing a baby mouse on his lap.

He's calling it Stuart Little.

I couldn't' make this up if I tried.

Look how tiny this little guy is!

Some of you may know that RJ  has a thing for healing hurt animals. He probably should have been a veterinarian. Remember the chipmunk of '05(ish?)?

I suggested we put the box on top of the tractor to see if the mom would come back for Stuart. We left him out there for an hour or so.. the mom never came back. We were worried one of the cats would get to him before his mom did. 

RJ feels guilty for breaking up this mouse family, so he's insisting that we drop milk into his mouth from our finger tip until he is self sufficient (allegedly that will be 3 weeks). Apparently he read a whole article about how to take care of an infant mouse on a website called "The Rat Report". Again, I couldn't make this up if I tried. 

I guess the thing is kind of cute. All I can say is, he's lucky he buttered me up with taffy.

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  1. Wow. You've got yourself a good man, there. What a sweetie! (Your hubby and the orphaned mouse!)