Monday, October 17, 2011

Widespread Panic Concert

Another great weekend here in Akron! On Saturday we went to see Widespread Panic at the beautiful Civic Theatre in Akron. I had gotten the tickets for RJ for his birthday a few weeks ago. Despite what their name may imply, they're actually more of a jam/funk rock band. Most people would definitely classify them as a hippie band and on Saturday the hippies were out in full swing. 

 We first started getting into their music when we went to visit Lindsay and Corey in Breckenridge a few years ago. Lindsay is notorious for introducing me to great music and sending CD's in the mail. One of the many reasons I love her so much. 

If you want a sample of their music, this is one of my favorites here. It has the best chorus:

After all that I've been through
your the only one that matters.
You never left me in the dark
here on my own.
  I can hear the water risin'
let me be your ladder.
  I promise you'll be dry
and never be alone.

Another one of my favorites is this one here

People watching at the show was almost as entertaining as the band itself! This band has been around since 1986 and has a really diverse following, age wise. Hippies young and old came out to dance in the aisles, wave around glow-sticks, and let their dreads down. The juxtaposition between the venue and the crowd was absolutely classic. The Civic is an old, historic, "fancy" theater where we've many times to see plays and musicals (thanks to Dad!). Every time I've been there it's been a very refined group and there are countless older-adult volunteers who help you find your seat and make sure people are behaving. I would love to hear what they thought about the crowd that night! 

Here are the most interesting things we saw:

* A guy with dreadlocks so long they literally touched the floor. He had them all bundled up and wrapped in a big cloth and it was sticking out under his coat.. at first I thought he was carrying a guitar on his back, that's how thick they were!

*Another guy who took out his nose piercing and put a glow-stick through the center part of his nose.

* The aisle in front of our row being so full of people dancing that other people could barely walk through the aisle.

*The girl in front of us going nuts with her glow-sticks. She was twirling them and dancing with them.. she actually put on a really good show!

*The hilarious couple next to us. The guy turned to me and said (a little slurred, but you'll have that): "So what are your crazy names anyway?" He was really friendly. Say what you will about hippies, they are really nice people.

 Here is a quick video of the band covering a Talking Heads song. Fried Grease actually played this at Lindsay and Corey's wedding, so hearing it always brings me back to that night. I'm going to delete this after a few days before their people come after me. I love the guy dancing in front of us and Lindsay and Drew will appreciate seeing the clip of the band.

It was a great show but would have been even better if Drew, Lindsay and Corey were there to appreciate it with us.

We actually did some work around the house/yard this weekend too! More on that later this week. 

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