Monday, November 21, 2011

Interesting Sunday..

Remember how I said that we were trying our best to keep Tina inside? This is exactly why.

She snuck out on Saturday afternoon, and didn't come home that night. We figured she was taking some time to explore since she had been in for a few weeks. On Sunday (yesterday), RJ went to the Brown's game with Tyler and I went grocery shopping (what is wrong with that picture? haha). When I got back and was carrying everything up the stairs.. I heard meowing coming from somewhere in the yard. I let Harvie outside to help sniff out where the meow was coming from.. but he was too busy sniffing out squirrels to help find the cat.

It took me forever to figure out where the cries were coming from.. but I finally pinpointed it to the driveway. I figured she had crawled up and into one of the cars to stay warm. Remember, we have 5 cars in the driveway with both of ours, RJ's pathfinder and the neighbors' two cars. I put my ear up to hood of all the cars (I'm sure anyone who saw me thought I was a complete nut). I decided the cries were definitely coming from RJ's car and figured out how to open the hood (that was an adventure in itself). I propped it open but she didn't jump out... I called my dad and RJ and both of them said she would probably find a way out if she got herself in. So I left the hood propped and went inside to unload the groceries. 

About an hour later, I heard the neighbors on the porch talk about the cries (that had gotten louder). I went out and explained that she was stuck in the car. Jason walked down to see if he could get her out and he did something I didn't think to do.

He looked up.

There she was.. stuck way up in one of the giant trees. 

I couldn't believe it! But she was up there. We thought we may have to call the fire department but Jason said he could get a ladder and then use the branches to climb all the way up. Leslie and I were so nervous because she was really high up there!

He did it though!

Now Tina is safe, sound, and inside.

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  1. Awwwww, what a good neighbor! I'm glad you're little adventure cat is under lock and key, what an explorer!