Sunday, November 6, 2011

That's so 80's

It was a very 80's Halloween for us this year. We went to Renee and Tyler's 80's themed party and then to Crissy's bowling alley for live music and bowling. RJ was an "80's jock" and I was just a lady from the 80's.

Renee was Baby from Dirty Dancing, isn't that a pretty dress? Tyler was the Terminator, such a cool idea.

(pictures from Renee!)

Before going to their party was Trick-or-Treating. We were excited to actually have some Trick-or-Treaters this year! Our favorites of course were Chloe and Colette from next door. After they were done Trick-or-Treating, they set up shop on the front porch to welcome the other neighborhood kids. When a new group of them would come up the driveway Colette would say: "Here comes more customers!". They are so cute. (Chloe on the left was a 50's girl and Colette was a strawberry. Unpictured baby Casey was a monkey).

The bowling alley we went to is actually the place that Crissy (my boss who owns KidzArt) just bought with her sister. It's the new family business and their kids are so cute running the shoe rental, snack bar, etc. Wouldn't that be fun to grow up owning a bowling alley? 

RJ bowled and I was moral support. We got a tour of the inner workings of the bowling alley and it was so interesting. The place is huge and it has so much potential, I'm really happy they bought it. 

I am late on posting this and have some other "big" things to post in the next few days that has happened since last weekend..
1) RJ had his last day in the office on Friday. His boss cried. (Cheese alert: If that doesn't illustrate what a great worker/all around great guy he is to have around I don't know what does. Just saying.)

2) We introduced another cat into the family! It's been over 3 weeks since Triscuit flew the coop so when the vet had a really sweet, pretty, litter-trained, spayed cat who needed a home, I couldn't say no. 

More on those things soon..

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