Sunday, November 20, 2011


 A few weeks ago I took Harvie and Craze to the vet for their vaccines and ended up with an addition to the family...

I had Harvie and Craze in the exam room together and the Vet was asking if they ever played together. I told her that Craze tries to play with Harvie, but he's too much of an old  man to play. He does love the cats (and loves to lick them) but he has no interest in playing. I also told her about how Triscuit was missing and that we were thinking about getting another cat. She told me that she had a homeless cat and her kitten (both female) they were trying to find homes for. She brought them both in for us to meet and the kitten was cute, but the mom cat was beautiful and really sweet. She also didn't mind Harvie and let him sniff her without getting scared. She loved being held and was really trying to convince me to take her home. As soon as I got in the car I called RJ, who told me I should turn the car around and go pick her up, and so I did!

 It took us a few days but we finally decided on a name for the new cat : Tina. We came up with a few names and decided to just wait and see what "stuck". The reason we came up with Tina is because we were calling her "teeny" because she's a pretty small cat and also, I really enjoy people names for animals. The other names we came up with were Shelly (because she's tortoiseshell colored) and Cali (for calico). Tina is the one that stuck so now she's stuck with that!

At first we tried to keep her inside because we didn't want her to disappear like Triscuit did, but she is really quick and sneaky and has been outside multiple times.

At first Craze didn't know what to think of her and she was afraid of him.. but now they seem to have become friends. The funny thing is that she never minded the dog.. even when we first met her in the vet's office. Now that it's been a few weeks they have definitely gotten comfortable with eachother..

I think Craze likes having another cat friend around the house.

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