Monday, January 30, 2012


A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to eat at Tomato Grill with RJ's parents. (Yep, we're spoiled). They had gnocchi on the menu which means I made my decision in about 30 seconds. They also had tirimisu on the dessert menu.. that night was full of <delicious> no-brainers.

Things like random Sunday night dinners with them, random afternoon brunches with my dad and Mary and random hang-outs with any of our siblings make living with Ohio winters tolerable.

But every time I have to drive in the snow and ice, a little piece (ok, a big piece) of me misses Georgia. 

Aside from the weather, Georgia does have a few other convincing arguments..

like these two..

I guess the only solution is a summer-home here in Ohio and a winter-home in Atlanta (and mobile jobs). 

That's realistic, right?

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