Wednesday, January 25, 2012


  • A bird (must have been huge one, or as both Drew and the neighbor, Les, suggested, a Pterodactyl) used my car as a toilet. I'm mostly posting this for Linds, she appreciates things like this. 
  • The cats have been avoiding the outside due to the snow, so their new favorite hobby is watching water drip out of the faucet after someone takes a shower. (The life of a cat..)
  • Harvie and Craze are in a constant battle over who gets the most lap time.  Sometimes they agree to share.

Stevie update:

We finally solved the mystery of Stevie! We were sitting at the butcher block one morning and saw the stray cat that RJ thought may possibly be Stevie's mother (remember?). We watched carefully to see if she still had the two kittens with her - one white and one orange (maybe Stevie). Sure enough.. after a few minutes both kittens came out from hiding. So Stevie is not from that family.

Most importantly..

I was right. 

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