Monday, December 12, 2011


The other night we were making dinner when we heard a little cry at the back door. I flipped on the light and there was a little orange kitten - crying at the door to be let in! We opened the door and the first few times he backed away then finally let RJ pet him and came inside. We gave him some food and he loved being held. 

We put a 'found cat' ad up on Craigslist and asked around the neighbors. So far no one has claimed him (we think it's a him). We're going to make a sign to put up. He's the nicest little thing.. but if he wandered away from a good home I'm sure they're worried about him.

He's definitely still a kitten but is probably a few months old.

There is a small chance he is one of the strays that live in the neighbor's shed.

About a month or so ago we saw this little kitten in the backyard with his mom (one of the strays we couldn't catch). His mom ran away and we scooped it up for a few minutes. I was afraid his mom wouldn't take care of him anymore after she smelled us.. but we still saw them traipsing around the backyard.

We haven't seen them for a few weeks, so it's possible this is that same kitten and he got brave enough to come to the door. I just don't think there's any way a feral kitten could turn out to be this nice. When we picked that one up a while back, he even hissed at first. 

He loves the dog and keeps rubbing up on him.. he actually likes it when Harvie licks him (other cats like the dog but hate to be licked.. except Dad's cat Tigger, he doesn't mind it). 

This video shows how much he likes the dog and what a sweet cat he is..

We've been calling him Stevie because we figure it's gender neutral (think Stevie Ray Vaugn or Stevie Nicks).
We'll see if anybody claims him! In the mean time, he has made himself right at home. Craze doesn't mind him too much but Tina is not happy. Must be a girl thing.

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