Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Snaps

 Well Christmas came and went quickly and it was such a great time as always! We did Christmas eve at Dad's and Mary made the best turkey I've had in awhile. We brought Drew home with us to meet the new cats and sleepover. Of course the guys stayed up late playing video games, talking about music and <presumably> farting. Guys stuff you know. I'm glad I went to bed at a decent hour (although I did stay up late enough to say Merry Christmas!). On Christmas day we went to Big Reed and Laura's house and it was lovely as always. Aunt Lynn and Crissy were there which is always fun. For some reason the combination of Aunt Lynn and Trevor is always especially entertaining. Getting everyone together means we have to play Catchphrase.. one of my favorites.

 Big Reed receives Risk - the Onyx Edition

  Harvie decides the little bone isn't big enough for him & steals Toby's bone when he's not looking..

 Showing off their Christmas Crackers and Crowns

  Tigger claims the cat-nip stocking by sitting on top of it

 Our holiday collage, including Harvie as a reindeer (like in the Grinch)

Happy <almost> 2012!

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