Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Alone

RJ was gone quite a few days last week at his annual sales conference in Baltimore. Thank goodness it's only one week out of the year and usually he's only gone one or two nights a week when he travels. The week before he didn't have to travel at all which was great.

The week actually flew by because I was working so much. I started working in the administration office for the non-profit program I work with. (The organization that facilitates the art programs at the shelters I've been doing for a few years). Remember in the spring of 2009 when I got the side job teaching? I said I wouldn't do that again because it was too stressful trying to get KidzArt done at home and working 15-20 hours on the side (and having some semblance of a family life). That stuck for a good year and half and now I've gone and done it again. This week I worked almost 20 hours in the RISE office. It was good timing because I could get my KidzArt work done at home without feeling like I'd rather be spending time with RJ. 

I actually cooked for myself twice while he was gone if you can believe that. I made a big pot of rice on Monday and made rice & beans that night and Chinese stir-fry the next night with the leftover rice. I needed leftovers to take with me to the office so it worked out well. One of the days I made a grilled turkey sandwich.. does that also count as cooking?

While I was at the office one day, I came home to Christmas decorations the neighbors put up. (This picture was taken the next day.. it was dark by the time I got home!)

Isn't that nice? I put up our 'Let it Snow' sign on our front door.. as long as we have a white Christmas I'll be happy. Then it can go back to not snowing..

We've decorated the inside of the house but don't have a tree yet. We want to get a small, live one that has roots so we can plant it with the other baby trees out back.

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