Sunday, December 4, 2011

Already December...

We had a busy but great last few days!

Here are some of the highlights..

*RJ didn't have to travel this week, a welcomed change!

*I got some cool boots (pictured above) with the Kohl's cash we got from Christmas shopping
(Merry Christmas to me!)

*On Friday we did some more Christmas shopping and had a little "date-night at the drive-in" - Swenson's of course. They have the best chicken fingers.

*On Saturday I got to chaperone a trip to a local children's theater to see an adorable Christmas play.

*Later on Saturday evening I went to a fashion-y event to support a local Akron boutique I really like.

*On Sunday we went into Hudson where the guys watched the Brown's game (yikes) and us ladies decorated the Christmas tree. Laura and I also did some shopping in the downtown area which is so pretty this time of year. 

I still can't believe it's already December though.. it will be Christmas before we know it.
Glad we got a head start on shopping!

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