Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Charleston and Hilton Head Island Trip 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, RJ left for Hilton Head Island on Sunday morning. Laura, Chelsey and Trevor and RJ all left on Sunday morning and Big Reed and I both flew in on Tuesday evening. 

I flew into Charleston and RJ and I stayed overnight there on Tuesday and spent Wednesday walking around and checking out the beautiful city. 

We did some window shopping (and actual shopping), drove around some of the neighborhoods, walked around Battery Park, walked by the water and went in the visitor's center. 

 When we were walking around, we walked by a beautiful church and stopped to admire it. The pastor happened to be outside and saw us checking it out, so introduced himself and told us a little bit about the church. The church was Trinity United Methodist Church and it has the oldest congregation in Charleston, dating back to 1786 (the building wasn't ! (More on the history on their website here). 

The church has gorgeous white pillars and huge wooden doors:


The pastor invited us to wak around the sanctuary and that's when we met John, a member of the church and "greeter". He showed us around the sanctuary and said if we had a minute, he wanted to show us something special in another part of the church. Of course we had to see what he wanted to show us and I'm glad we did ... it was the most beautiful stained glass window!

When we admiring the window, John said something I wanted to be sure to write down and remember. "When you get to be my age (he was 75), you realize that the things of the world.. well, they don't really matter. The only thing that matters is your faith." Said in a perfect, Charleston gentleman drawl. 

Wise man, that John. 

After walking around exploring the city all day, we had dinner at Poogan's Porch which had been recommended to us. It was delicious and we got a great seat on the patio!

After dinner, we headed out to make the 2 hour drive to Hilton Head. 

Thursday us ladies sat by the pool while the guys went golfing. 

Later that night, we went on a sunset sailing trip with Captain Bob! 

We were able to pack a dinner to eat on the boat which was really nice.

You really can't beat a beautiful sunset over the water!

On Friday RJ and I went for a long bike ride and then met the rest of the group at the beach later in the afternoon. 

The guys had to get some football time in before Trevor had to go to the airport. He flew home a few days early to do a market on Saturday morning. 

Saturday was our last day by the pool and while us ladies did that, Big Reed and RJ played more golf.

Saturday was our last night and we went to San Miguel's, which is probably my favorite restaurant that we've tried on the island. I guess it's not surprising that a Mexican restaurant is my favorite!

After dinner we took a family portrait, minus Trevor who was already back in Cleveland (and Halley & Shawn who unfortunately weren't able to come this year). 

Thank you Laura and Big Reed for another wonderful trip!! 

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