Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The big move!

If clutter stresses you out you may not want to view these pictures. Although when moving I don't think there is any other choice but to live with clutter for awhile! 

The move started on Friday.. luckily RJ took a "vacation" day so we could get started bright and early. Tyler let us borrow his family's trailer so we didn't have to get a Uhaul which was nice! He dropped it off on Thursday evening so we could start loading it up.

Before we started loading the trailer, we took a few loads in both of our cars over to the duplex. We wanted to save the trailer space for furniture and big boxes.. so we took 3 trips with our cars full. Of course it rained all weekend!

A few days earlier, RJ finished the floors in the downstairs. He did such a great job!! He also finished all the primer which was supposed to be my job. Am I lucky or what? So get a good look at the living room before the move...

Because this is what it looked like after!

The original plan was for Tyler to come over on Saturday afternoon to tow the trailer with his truck and help load up some of the heavier stuff. Our plan was foiled by the rain, which gave us more time to take smaller things over and continue to box things up. He came over on Sunday which was awesome. We wanted to have everything loaded ourselves so all he would have to do is tow the trailer. We did get a great head start on loading the furniture but he still helped load up a lot of furniture. Renee met us over at the duplex and helped load and unload too. Both of them stayed until the evening helping load and unload - we definitely owe these two dinner+!! 

Renee also got some good pictures with her iphone:

It was so windy!

When I was packing I was pretty excited to find a long lost hat and satchel purse I'd been looking for!

The only thing we (ok, it was me) broke was a picture frame I dropped. Tyler had some gloves so he swept up the the broken glass. Renee and I have some good men! I would say only one broken item is pretty good!

So luckily this week isn't too busy for me work-wise, so I can take some time to unpack as long as I'm ready to take calls and emails. I decided to tackle the living room first so we would have some semblance of a "hang out" area even though realistically, we won't be doing much hanging out any time soon. It's fun finding spots for things and thank goodness for the basement! 

Here is the living room now.. still a work in progress but much better!

The next thing I need to focus on is my office. We still need to get my desk put together so as of now we just set up the computer on the floor. They came and hooked up the internet on Monday so at least I can work!

This  is my current work space:

 Very professional right?

Ti likes to sit on my desk while I work so he is disappointed there isn't room for him up there for him. He decided that his new spot is in my lap. Between him and Harvie I always have an animal in my lap or sitting at my feet.

The cats are thrilled they can go outside whenever they want! They are taking advantage of it, but it's been so rainy they haven't explored further than our own yard. 

More soon once we get more unpacked!

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  1. Moving is so fun and so horrible all at the same time!! Glad you're having fun with it :)