Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taping for the bedroom stripe / Lindsay's table

Tonight we finally got the stripe drawn in the bedroom with the leveler. The inside of the stripe will be fuscia. 

Funny thing about this picture below.. we were using the self timer on my camera.. about 2 seconds until it went off RJ said: "are we looking at the camera or the wall?" and at first I said "camera" then changed my mind and said: "wall!" - this is us laughing as we turned our heads really quickly..

We're not really having that much fun taping for our stripe. In fact it was pretty tedious! 

RJ also worked on removing some more of the tack boards upstairs. He took vacation days on Thursday and Friday so we can get a lot of work done then. Unfortunately this is a busy time for me work-wise right now - we have all of our spring classes starting next week so I'll be juggling getting those supplies ready for the instructors and meeting with them. RJ may be on his own for some for some of that time.

We have gotten some good responses from our ad about the rental half - we have 4 appointments scheduled for people to come look at it toward the end of this week.

Tonight we also moved a table from the condo over so we could use it to have dinner when we were working late.

This is a really special table - it was Lindsay's when she was at SMU in her apartment! The ends fold up - we've been using it folded up as a decorative table against the wall. We may end up using it for our dining room table for awhile. It definitely works for now. 

As you can see we have quite a few color samples on the wall. The original idea was to do two shades of orange with a chair rail in the middle.. now we're thinking maybe two shades of green with a chair rail in the middle.

I forgot to grab the tuna so we didn't set the traps like we had planned on doing tonight.

RJ was so funny.. he said: "I'm afraid we're just going to keep on catching Matilda.." I said: "Matilda? Did you pick one you want to keep too?" He said: "No, I thought that was that friendly one you liked?" 

Matilda.. Tabitha.. I guess he was close.

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