Saturday, April 9, 2011

Picture Tour Of The Rental Side

Well Leah is officially all moved out of the rental side of the duplex! She left it in really nice condition and actually left us a few goodies (a microwave, a vacuum and lots of cat toys inside and a weed whacker, card table and big ladder in the garage.)

 This is our garbage pile - can you believe it! We have a trash pick-up scheduled this week, thank goodness!

Below are the pictures of the inside. It's very similar to our half, it has just been updated with newer carpet, newer flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms and better counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

You walk in to a small landing area and can go upstairs or into the living room, the same way is it on our side:

This is the dining area that opens into the kitchen:

Here's the kitchen:

There are sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio on this side also:

On this side the patio is paved with brick, it's a really nice outdoor hang out area. We want to do something similar with our side, only with stone instead of brick.

Downstairs bathroom around the corner from the kitchen:

The same two big pantries that we have, and the entry to the basement:

The basement, this is the wardrobe Leah had installed for extra clothes and shoes:

Now some pictures of the upstairs:

 She has a pretty chandelier at the top of the stairs, I may steal this if I decide I want it for our dining room! I can't decide if it fits our decor or not.

The upstairs bathroom:

A much nicer light fixture than we have upstairs! (The funky lights on the chains).

It has the same linen closet and laundry shoot that we have upstairs:

The same size bedrooms and closets, just with much better carpet (except ours is now hardwood usptairs!)

As you can tell she really did a nice job picking out new flooring and fixtures for her side. This gives us hope for what our side will look like when we're finished with it!

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