Thursday, April 7, 2011


RJ made a fun little discovery today over at the duplex...


 They are right outside the basement window on the rental side. There is only two left in the littler - I'm sure it started out bigger. 

This is the mom, she wasn't happy we were messing with her kittens:

 They are still really young - they don't even have their eyes open!

We put them in a box with a towel and are going to let them stay in the garage which is safer than outside. We would take them in but we think at this point they still need their mom. I am afraid she may move them tonight - RJ says that's "her prerogative", I guess he is right! 

Tonight we went to Lowes and picked out our new flooring - we have it all ordered and will pick it up tomorrow. Before we do, we need to go to Giant Eagle to get a bunch of Lowes gift cards - can't beat the fuel perks!

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