Friday, April 15, 2011

Primer and Possum Tales

Because of my indecisiveness and all the sample paints I put up in the living room area, I had to prime downstairs. Here's what I mean by all the paint samples:

As of yesterday when I took these pictures, RJ only had one more strip of flooring to put in. Today he finished it while I worked on packing - can't wait to see it all finished!

Here's all the priming I got done yesterday, RJ finished that today too! Good man.

I didn't have any paint clothes over there so I borrowed one of  RJ's undershirts to put on over my dress. It did the trick.

RJ's parents came over to see place (both halves before the renters move in!) and see a little bit of the town. It was great to show them around and we had a great dinner at a place on the lake with a great view. When we got back and checked the traps we had caught something we weren't intending to trap...

A possum.

 We decided to let him stay in the yard.

I can't believe tomorrow is already moving day! RJ finished a lot of projects today at the duplex but we still have some big things to check off of our list. Painting the downstairs is a big one! 

Tyler is letting us borrow his family's big trailer to move our furniture. He dropped it off tonight and tomorrow we're going to get up early and load it up. The condo renters are moving in until the 23rd, so we have some time to bring a few more loads, patch up some holes and do some cleaning.

Wish us luck - we'll get a good workout tomorrow!

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